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This site provides basic information on how to travel on public transportation between various airports and city centers in the United States. Major cities in Europe are also available by following the Europe link. Additional information can be obtained by using the appropriate links to the official airport and transportation organization web sites.


The airport list on the left will appear with each page. Select the airport of interest.

Airport Codes with Links

The three letter airport code has a link to the official airport site. These links will open on another page.

Transportation Links

Links are provided to the transit agency sites for each service where detailed system maps, schedules and fares can be found. These links will open on another page.

Google Transit Maps

Google Transit maps are provided for most cities. The map loads with travel times when the page was made. A link to a full map is available, where the times can be adjusted to when you will be in the city.

Sometimes when a Google Transit Map is not available or confusing, a map from the local transit company is provided.

European Visitors

If you are visiting the United States on holiday and are planning to use the public transportation system, please read this page before making transportation decisions.

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